Kat Cannon is a light for Jesus, bringing to life biblical concepts and relating them to everyday experiences in a modern, tangible and effective way.
— Jacki Janos, Speaker Coordinator for MOMs at Austin Ridge Bible Church

Let’s get real…

I love sharing what God has given me with groups large and small. Thankfully, God has gifted me with a very large mouth! God’s Word speaks to us in all ages and stages, and I’m passionate about connecting his truths with the issues of everyday life. Whether it’s a keynote for a special event, a retreat, or a breakout session, I partner with leaders to bring authenticity and biblical truth the conversation.

More Than Mind-Full

All of our intellectual study of God’s truths and his Word doesn’t help us a bit if we can’t remember it. And remembering it doesn’t help even a squish if we don’t take action based on what we know. As it turns out, biblical remembering has more to do with our hearts and our hands than our heads. We’ll talk about what God tells us specifically in his Scriptures to remember, and what remembering actually looks like.

SHE: God’s Female Image Bearers

Our culture hotly debates fundamentals of gender identity, and media outlets bombard us with a myriad of ideas about what it means to be female. But what does God have in mind when he makes the woman, and how do we live that out in our world today? This message is based on Genesis 2:18, when God designs the woman to be an “ezer” (from the Hebrew) in his image. We’ll look at how God shows his “ezer-ness” throughout the Scripture through his female image bearers.


No matter what we’ve done, how far off base we’ve gone, or how far we’ve run from God, his love for us is unrelenting. In the book of Ezekiel, God shows us his heart break each time we turn away from him, but also his determination to never let us go. He disciplines us with tough love, for sure, and then gives us a new heart and a new spirit so we can love him back. This message shows off the gospel in the Old Testament and demonstrates that our God is the same today as he always has been - unrelenting in his love for us.

Kat’s passion for Jesus, love for the Bible and her life story has given her a platform to be used by God to not only touch lives, but to be a catalyst by God to produce life change. Her material is a must have, but to hear it directly from her is even better.
— Brandon Zieske, Lead Pastor at Austin Oaks Church