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Why Can't I Put My Eyeliner On Straight?

You would think after applying makeup to basically the same face (mine) for the past three decades that I’d have certain skills down pat by now. That muscle memory would somehow kick in. That however minuscule each individual improvement might be, the cumulative effect over a long period of time would be some level of expertise.

And yet I still can’t put my eyeliner on straight.

I’ve got so many things other than eyeliner that I also think I should be better at by now. Basic stuff… You’d think after a few decades of following Jesus around, I’d do a better job on these things. And yet, I still manage to stray from the path He lays out for me, dipping down into spaces I’m not supposed to go and generally making a mess. I try to clean it up. I try to cover up the mistake. I certainly hope no one will notice. But I notice, and I just think I should be better at this by now.

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