More Than Mind-Full: what God tells us to remember


This five-week study explores what God specifically commands us to remember, and what biblical remembering really is. What started as a simple word study turned into a primer for the Christian life, with applications accessible for seekers and new believers, and thoughtful insights for those who've followed Jesus for years.

This study includes:

  • Five-week study guide with five scripture reading and response days per week

  • Six teaching videos from Kat Cannon (digital download)

  • A twelve-month journal to help you develop more-than-mind-full habits in the months to come

She: God's female image bearers in the Bible

A survey of 67 women of the Bible, "She" finds her basis in the female identity given in the Garden of Eden.  Over fifteen weeks of study, we take a look at how the women of the Bible live out their identities for good or for bad, and the importance of her role in God's larger Kingdom story.


Tough Love: Ezekiel's message from an unrelenting God

If you're looking for some intense in-depth Bible study and application, this is the study for you.  We'll go through Ezekiel's prophecies in twelve weeks, wading through some of the most graphic and vivid language the Scriptures.  We'll see visions of God, clear pictures of how He views idolatry and sin, hear His heart break for His people, and stand in awe of His unrelenting love that won't let us go.


Living Brave: a study of 2 Corinthians 4-5

God gives each of us a ministry and purpose, a reason for hanging out here on planet earth. When pursue His design in our lives, we find more joy than we can believe possible - but only if we're brave enough to chase it down and not let go when things get tough.  This six-week study walks verse by verse through 2 Corinthians 4-5 to see how the Apostle Paul found both courage and strength to live out the ministry God gave him while we explore what God has in mind for us here and now.


Spiritual Talk: seven conversations with Jesus

We'll select seven conversations Jesus has during His earthly ministry ranging from a secret meeting with Nicodemus to the broad-daylight discussion with the Samaritan woman.  Each discussion reveals new truths about who Jesus is and His heart for our world.



Love Letters: 1, 2, and 3 John

A Walk With Miriam: the exodus narrative

Names of God: a six-week survey