Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you will get neither.
— C. S. Lewis

Wanna join me on an adventure? I'm pursuing the most precious and wonderful thing ever: a full-on intimate relationship with our God who is real and oh-so-very good.  He wants us close to Him, too, by the way. And He has plans to become more and more real to us and through us.  He is present and in the present tense.  That's His name - the great I AM.  So I'm searching out every clue, every nugget of truth I can find in His Word, and I'm so pleased to share what I find with you.

That plan means wearing a lot of hats right now.  I'm the Communications Director at the Austin Oaks Church in Austin, Texas. I've also served as the Women's Director, Small Groups Director, and a teacher/author.  Austin Oaks has been my spiritual family for 27 years and my workplace for the last 10.  My ministry affords me opportunities to develop several Bible studies, write weekly small group curriculum, teach on a regular basis, and discover the joy of serving in a large body of believers. My other "professional" pursuits include speaking at conferences and retreats, and teaching seminars on leadership to other ministry leaders in my city.

Two other very important hats I wear are wife and mother.  My husband and I met at the University of Texas when he was a music major and I studied broadcast journalism.  We married on graduation weekend - 25 years ago now!  He's my very best friend and we share the adventure of steering our "ark" through the world together.  We have two children, Liana (19) and Devin (16) - and three fuzzy babies, a dog and two cats.

I'm obsessed with the two most important things we can know about God:  He loves us so very, very much, and we can trust Him.  If we grab hold of those two things, we'll find unbelievable freedom and no fear at all.  No more hiding, no more striving, no more wondering if we're good enough.  Imagine what your life and mine could look like if we actually take His word for it and step out into His plan instead of worrying about outcomes or opinions.  Not that I'm there yet, but I'm chasing after it with all I've got.  And He has gifted me with a very big mouth, so I'm determined to tell everyone who will listen about the things I find along the journey. It's my thing.  I can't help it.

Oh, and I love coffee.  And chocolate.  And a good action movie.  Sunday afternoon naps are the best.  Special meals with friends are too. I cry when football season is over and cheer loudest for my Longhorns.  My kids makes me look cool. Otherwise, I'm a Bible nerd and technophile with flower-painted toe nails.