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God is the Great I AM, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end and everything in between. I remind myself of this often by rehearsing his attributes in alphabetical order - it’s an exercise that always opens my heart to worship him and approach him in prayer as he really is. I’d love to share my list with you for you to use, and continue to stay in contact with encouragement and everyday truths from God’s Word.

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We can spend lifetimes filling our heads with knowledge of God. But putting God’s truth in our minds isn’t enough to live the life He’s designed for us or to have the relationship He wants with us. So God gives us specific things in His Word He tells us to remember so that we can live and be different.

This study will include:

  • Five-week study guide with five days of Scripture reading and response per week

  • Six teaching videos via digital download from Kat Cannon (that’s me!)

  • A year-long journal to help you develop more-than-mind-full habits in the months to come.

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