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I cannot get over how much the ancient texts that comprise our Bible have to say to the modern world we live in.  The deeper the dive into the Scriptures, the more treasures we have to unearth, precious wisdom that speaks to the everyday moments and the very real world we live in.  I'm all about being your diving guide, pointing out the places I've been, sharing the treasures I've found, and helping you find your own way to falling in love with God through His Word.



 bible studies

I wrote these studies to help you find the intersection of deep Scripture study and your everyday real life.  Because all the theology in the world doesn't help if we can't make it matter in the moments we live in.

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She: God's Female Image Bearers in the Bible

"She" covers 67 different biblical women (yes, there are even more than 67 women listed in the Bible) and how each one contributes to God's big story.  We start with Eve and a glimpse of how God-designs His female image-bearers, and follow her steps through the Bible's pages all the way to the Bride of Christ in Revelation.

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Tough Love: Ezekiel's message from an unrelenting God

If you're ready for an intense look at what God thinks about His people's sin, and His unrelenting devotion to those He loves, then get ready to dive deep into the prophecy's of Ezekiel.  This graphic prophetic book reveals the depths of God's love for us, His broken heart and jealousy when we turn from Him, and His unrelenting commitment to free us from our sin no matter how tough His love has to get.


Living Brave

A study of 2 Corinthians 4-5, "Living Brave" invites you to discover the ministry God gives all of us as believers and each one of us as individuals.  When we catch a vision for what we're made for, we can live brave and live it out loud.

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Thank you for participating in the More than Mind-Full Bible Study!  Please take a moment to share with us about how you might have been impacted by working through this 6 week study, participating in your small group discussions and asking the Lord to do His work in you.   

  • Are you experiencing a closer walk with the Lord?  

  • Do you think differently about God?  

  • What is the most important thing you will remember and live out from this study?

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