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Kat Cannon

tough love: ezekiel's message from an unrelenting God

a study of the prophet ezekiel

12 lessons plus a final summary

What does God’s love look like for a generation immersed in idolatry?  He cares for His people far too much to give up on us, but also far too much to leave us in the muck and mire of sin. His tough love means He’ll do whatever it takes to save us, even from ourselves.  Ezekiel demonstrates that God is holy, just, good, and unrelenting in pursuit of His people.

Ezekiel doesn’t just talk about God – he lives out God’s words in living 3-dimensional color.  God speaks through the prophet to the Jewish nation at their lowest point in history – in exile in Babylon while pagans overrun and destroy their beloved Jerusalem.  Ezekiel speaks words of conviction, displays graphic consequences for sin, and brings hope of restoration when everything seems lost.  For believers living in our own “Babylon”  his message calls us to root idolatry out of our own hearts, hold on to hope no matter what, and worship Christ who takes God’s wrath upon Himself for our sake.

living brave

a study of 2 Corinthians 4-5

6 lessons

​God calls His women to be brave. ​ We are called by God to be His hands and feet in a world that desperately needs Him.  And the world needs ALL of Him, including the image of Himself He placed in His daughters.  Every one of us must step up to the plate so that we can be strong together.  It’s time to cast our fears aside and live out a bold and sometimes brazen faith. We are uniquely positioned as women to pour our faith into the relational and cultural ground waters of our communities.  If we’re brave enough to do that, I believe we can change the world for Christ.

This study traces the Apostle Paul's line of thought as he explains to the Corinthian church how he endures hardship for the sake of the gospel.  Through his words, we'll learn that we each have our own ministry to be brave for and discover how God gives us strength and courage to live it out.

spiritual talk

exploring God through spiritual conversations with Jesus

7 lessons

Written to coincide with the Explore God campaign in Austin, Texas, this study walks through seven spiritual conversations Jesus engaged in according to the Gospels.  These interactions include His discussion with the rich young ruler, the Samaritan woman at the well, and Mary and Martha at the tomb of their brother Lazarus.  Jesus used these opportunities to reveal earth shattering truths.  Through His interactions with believers and non-believers, we can learn how to engage people in spiritual conversations today. 

Unlocking Hope

Bible study skills development and word study

9 lessons

co-written with Sandi McCormick

This word study explores the original Hebrew and Greek words that are translated as "hope" in our modern English translations.  It includes a toolbox that walks users step-by-step through using free online resources or a printed concordance to use Strong's Index Numbers and lexicons.  The study also includes personal application questions, "Hope Cards" and a journaling section to practice spiritual disciplines.

Love Letters

the letters of the Apostle John

12 lessons

The love of God apparently fascinated John.  Throughout his gospel account, he never uses his own name, but refers to himself as “the disciple whom Jesus loved.”  John speaks of Jesus’ love more than any of the other gospel writers, and he continues this heartbeat throughout his three letters.  There’s no way to plumb the depths of God’s love in this or any other study, but my prayer is that you’ll finish with a greater understanding of His love for you, and the love He asks for in return.

A Walk with Miriam

the exodus from slavery to the promised land

12 lessons

The Hebrews' journey from slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land has many similarities to our journey in this world of sin as we follow our Lord to Heaven.  We celebrate the victories of God and rejoice in our new freedom one minute - and then next we are fraught with doubts, panic at the first sign of trouble, and grumble in the desert.  The study walks a mile in Miriam's shoes as she works with her brothers, Moses and Aaron, to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt. She's a fascinating character, a dynamic leader, and a woman who struggles with issues of her own.


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